"I came across your company website this morning and I was very intrigued by the information that I found there. I do have to say that I was quite impressed and I did happen to find some very useful content while I was looking."
James M. - B.C.
"As always, I learn so much from your newsletter!"

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Free eBook - Why does sales fail to hit their quota even though marketing is reaching their lead generation goals?Why does sales fail to hit their quota even though marketing is reaching their lead generation goals? Free eBook - The ultimate guide to sales success through sales math
The ultimate guide to sales success through sales math
Free eBook - How Artificial Intelligence can help businesses drive more salesHow Artificial Intelligence can help businesses drive
more sales
Free eBook - Tips on how to ensure a painless transition from your legacy system to the next-gen SFATips on how to ensure a painless transition from your legacy system to the next-gen SFA

Lead Generation, Job Board Services & Sales Recruiting

  • "We used the business development calling program in 2015 and out of 248 calls Bob's team was able to generate 64 good leads for our company in only 10 hours. That would have taken us months of work." - George C., Ontario
  • "It is a pleasure to have your team, on our team. You continue to add value to this process and providing a strong foundation to build upon as we expand our efforts into the EU next year. I look forward to continuing our relationship towards a successful 2016!" - Rocky G., Ontario
  • "You guys provide better value than any other method of recruiting we use, and we have tried them all. The candidates we get from your pre-screening process save us a lot of time and allows us to focus on the sales people who have the skills we need." - Sean K., Ontario
  • "We've been using (B2B Sales Connections) services for the past two years and they have made a significant impact on our sales growth. We are landing bigger clients more frequently." - Gerry A., Ontario
  • "Susan delivers quality candidates in a timely manner and she made the difference in our search allowing us to find the right fit in our expansion efforts into Canada. If you are looking for a professional recruiting firm, I highly recommend Susan and her team at B2B Sales Connections." - Pete O., Missouri
  • "(The) calling team found 6 hot prospects and 55 new leads in a very short time." - Rob R., Ontario
  • "We had been searching for sales agents using on line sales agents job boards and other sources for over two years. In less than 2 weeks Bob was able to connect us with 6 qualified candidates and we signed two immediately and are in discussions with two more." - Daniel M., Quebec
  • "The B2B Sales Connections job board was excellent. The level of professionalism they provided was top notch and we found a highly qualified sales person quickly. We have used the major job boards in the past and they are not nearly as effective as the B2B Sales Connection program." - Keith B., Ontario
  • "I am very pleased to have this many excellent candidates this quickly." - Gary E., Ontario
  • "I have tried to recruit sales agents in the past but it never worked out. Bob put me in touch with a half a dozen qualified candidates in less than one month." - Charles F., Saskatchewan
  • “As a recruiter, I have never used a service that helped me so much. I really love the personal attention I get from everyone at B2B Sales Connections. They make my job so much easier.” - Diane J., Ontario
  • "I have used your B2B Sales Connections database previously, and was very pleased with the response." - Susan G., Ontario
  • "With Bob’s coaching and his help improving my resume I am getting on average 3-4 calls a day. It's insane. I know which jobs to definitely pass up but there are some "interesting" opportunities coming my way." - Joey W., Ontario
  • "Thank you for your invaluable service." - Bruce M., Manitoba
  • "I will recommend your company and services to anyone who needs help looking for work with sales experience" - Mark B., Ontario
  • "Thank you for your time and exceptional service - it gave me the opportunity to get my first B2B sales career in Canada within a reputable company. In a couple of days after my arrival to Canada, I've got a phone call from the prospective employer, whom you sent my resume. And now I have a job offer!" - Cyril K., Ontario
  • "I have to say I am very impressed by your process. Most, if not all recruitment organizations that I have dealt with in the past do not take the time to interact with their contacts. It makes one feel important!" - Dale M., Ontario
  • "Susan, through her network was able to supply us with quality candidates for a territory in which we where having difficulty recruiting," - Chris O., Ontario
  • "I'd like to thank you for your professionalism" - Ken B., Ontario
  • "Thanks for (your) attention to detail." - Jennifer B., Ontario

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Sales Training & Coaching Expertise

  • "I've tried other coaches but they didn't have your connection, your passion, your knowledge. You came at the perfect time with the perfect package." - Ira W., Florida
  • "Bob, I am very grateful to have you work with us and to have you be an extension of our team. Your pragmatic, clear and concise approach and personality definitely work well with us." - Paulina L. VP Business Development
  • "It is a pleasure to have your team, on our team. You continue to add value to this process and providing a strong foundation to build upon as we expand our efforts into the EU next year". - Rocky G., Ontario
  • "I was delighted to be in attendance for your presentation – best of the morning (in my opinion) … well delivered, engaging and informative!" - Paul B., Ontario
  • "Thank you for all the preparation and energy you put into your presentation yesterday - it brought so much value to the event!" - Mia T., Ontario
  • "Thank you very much for a great presentation yesterday. It was informative and engaging." - John U., Ontario
  • "I wanted to let you know that I have been in a technical sales role with a very innovative company for the past 8 months and that the handful of sessions you did with me truly helped so much more than I can put into words." - Joshua T., Ontario
  • "Thanks for the training... I made my quota this year in May!" - Jim K., Alberta
  • "Bob I wanted to let you know that the sales training session I had with you this morning was the most valuable one I have ever attended" - Spencer T., Ontario
  • "We have hired Susan numerous times to do Webinar Sales Training for both our direct and dealer sales reps, with great success. She is thorough, entertaining and enthusiasic." - Glenn K., Ontario
  • "- great presentation and session. Thank you so much for your insights and direction. I will definitely take some of your tips and implement them into my current prospecting and sales activities." - Michelle K., Ontario
  • "I love your coaching services Bob. You are a top pro and everything I learn I love knowing it will be practical and make sense going forward." - Valerie Y., Ontario
  • "Susan's expertise in sales and influencing was clearly demonstrated as she led my team through various exercises, helping us develop skills, tools and confidence. What stands out about Susan is her passion - for the work that she does, but also in a broader sense - it's obvious that she cares and wants to see people be successful." - Mark B., Ontario
  • "Excellent session yesterday. After 5 years of searching, it is so great to find talent like you right in Durham region. You have definitely shown me that marketers are truly different and 'special'…." - Gerry A., Ontario
  • "Our company hired Susan in mid 2011 as our sales coach. I have been working with her since then. She has helped me make more appointments, close more deals and make more money. The 3 most important concepts in sales. I would recommend any sales force hire her to help boost business sales and build trust and integrity with your clients." - James E., Ontario
  • "Robert Weese from B2B Sales Connections was a fantastic, engaging speaker who hit on some incredibly important points which our crowd was thrilled to hear from a real 'professional'. ... His answer was again engaging, appropriate, and very encouraging for all." - Elsii F., Ontario
  • "Your sessions are too good for any salesperson to miss." - Ross M., Ontario
  • "I have been on all 5 sessions and I have enjoyed every one. I have been in B2B sales for 10 years now and have attended training from lots of trainers and your material and delivery is among the best." - Jason B., Manitoba
  • "I have Susan's sales training book and I highly recommend it. She has produced a step by step process for winning at the sales game - Her many years of personal sales success, plus the many situations she has helped others win at are captured in an easy to read, and follow, discussion along with all the tools you need to get yourself on track and stay there." - Fred B., Ontario
  • "... and enjoyed the detailed information you have provided. Well done today on a great presentation; I thoroughly enjoyed it!" - David S., Ontario
  • "I've never read a book quite like it. It's basically got everything you'd ever need to know to be a sales person and it's all in one place." - Norm M., Ontario
  • "I am working through your "Action Plan For Sales Success" ... and I'd like to say THANKS for a great hands on approach, with working documents that make it easy to turn learning into ACTION." - Don M., Ontario
  • "I am very pleased with the professional manner in which B2B assisted me in my recent career search. ... I highly recommend them for anyone pursuing a new career opportunity in B2B professional selling." - Pat C., Ontario
  • "She has helped me train many of my business associates in the art of effective sales techniques and client relationship management. I highly recommend Susan and her partner at B2B Sales Connections." - Jarom A., Utah
  • "Thanks again for all your terrific coaching!" - Melanie R., Ontario
  • "In my profession I attend a lot of trainings and most are not helpful. A few times a year I attend a training that is actually applicable that provides insight and "tools" that can be used immediately to enhance my performance. This training was one of them". - Jeffrey W., Ontario
  • "I found the course very useful; very helpful. It's the clearest one that I have ever seen." - Roland S., Ontario
  • "A very inspirational, convincing and pro-active approach to sales." - Diane J., Ontario
  • "I love the book." - Kristen E. - Pennsylvania
  • "I just wanted to thank you for your great webinars and for teaching to ask"can I quote you". It's a simple phrase but's its changed my business and has helped me build trust with new and repeat customers. ... Thanks again, it's really made a positive difference and yes, you can quote me on that!" - Nikke B., Ontario
  • "It is really amazing for what you are doing in helping others stay positive and overcome their challenges, whatsoever small or big they may be" - Parmod R., Ontario
  • "Susan ...understands the sales process intimately and is able to create a management process around it that drives sales people to accomplish their goals." - Rob M., Ontario
  • "Everyone said you are very polished, a class act all the way. Thanks again for the great seminar you conducted this morning." - Colette C., Ontario
  • "Another great webinar. This is 2nd webinar with you and I am loving them." - Upinder S., New Delhi, India
  • "Love your stuff. It's the greatest!" - Catherine D., Ontario
  • "He's great! (just like you) We had a coaching session Thursday morning and I found his advice invaluable. What I like most about you both is that you bring "real word" experience to the table." - Allan S., Ontario
  • "This has been most helpful." - Kim L., Webinar Attendee
  • "You don't know how much you have helped me since I have known you and your website" - Ravi O., Quebec
  • "Her attention to detail along with her mentoring and coaching in after class support was incredible." - Drew C., Ohio
  • "She has built a reputation of delivering upon what she promises, and is very active in sharing her knowledge and experience with those around her." - Randy W., Ontario
  • "Susan really knows the selling world. She's honest, articulate, bright, giving, highly competent, personable and a top professional. Welcome her. It's the right thing to do." - Allan S., Ontario
  • "... if sales folks would follow your "sales tip of the month" every day...their life would change" - Brad E., Alabama
  • "...thank you for your presentation yesterday. It was fabulous, to the point, with "real life" examples. this afternoon I will be implementing your suggestions." - Loreto C., Ontario
  • "His intensity for sales, knowledge of people, and dedication to the job at hand always put him in a position of leadership." - Peter S., Ontario
  • "Thanks again for a great talk yesterday. it was chock full of good tactics." - Glenn S., Ontario
  • "Thanks a million Susan! You've helped me in a huge way. Lots of great info, much appreciated," - Nikki B., Webinar Attendee
  • "Like it...Very Motivating" - Jeff, Webinar Attendee
  • "Your content, delivery and practical examples provided the students an excellent foundation to understand the complex topic of sales recruitment and socialization" - Jim N., Ontario
  • "Having represented various companies and products as a sales professional, I have attended several sales and product training meetings, and the …session with her was among the best." - Larry M., Nova Scotia
  • "I hope to have an opportunity Monday and everyday afterwards to implement a new bit of wisdom gained from your training." - Scott H., Ontario
  • "Thank you for the great webinar and for all the helpful tips you've shared. I will use that information well and I know that it will make a positive difference to my business." - Nicolette B., Ontario
  • "I can not thank you enough for making our work a lot easier." - Carol L., Ontario
  • "I wish to thank you for all of your efforts that you put in to helping me succeed." - Barry M., Alberta
  • "You're the one who deserves a pat on the back, as you've made my job so much easier to do." - Kim I., Alberta
  • "That response should be a study in how to flush out the truth and present it to a prospect. It should be done as a case study in all branch sales meetings." - Drew C. - Connecticut
  • "…I've never seen before someone who gaved me so much support" - Marc F., Quebec
  • "Keep up the great work on the conference calls. Everyone here finds them very beneficial." - Philip E., Ontario
  • "But you need to know that you're a great great great help in my learning." - David H., Quebec
  • "I wanted to thank you both for the great job that has been done with the dealer training sessions over the last month! The awareness to our dealers is going to be a key reason for our success this year." - Rob R., Ontario
  • "I feel that I have taken a rejuvenated spirit back into the field with me, and I look forward to serving my customers with a more professional and effective approach." - Scott H., Ontario

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B2B Sales Knowledge

  • "Bob has helped our firm tremendously and is my go to guy for sales." Gerry Anderson, Logicon Solutions
  • "Your training with me on the effectiveness of cold calling, handling common objections, dealing with gatekeepers, etc has proven valuable." - Joshua T., Ontario
  • "WOW - that was a fantastic Webinar! Thank you!! I want to read ALL of your books, NOW! Thank you!" - Zoe N., New York
  • "I would like to commend you on the sales presentations that I was privileged to listen to over the last couple of weeks. They have been informative and educational, and will allow me to grow as an individual." - Josh R., Ontario
  • "You are such a wonderful inspiration for anyone in the B2B sales world!!" - Stephanie W., New Brunswick
  • "You had a very sound process for setting and reaching business, personal, etc. goals. I am going to start building your ideas into my business plan for the year." - Ian C., Ontario
  • "Susan, I love hearing you speak. You make so much sense and as I said this morning, you take what I know and push it up another notch. Just wanted to say how much I got from your session this morning and am very happy I was at your table." - Angela S., Ontario
  • "Susan knows her stuff. She brings many years of great sales experience and success to anyone who wished to improve their skills in sales. She is very personable, and is not afraid to tell it like it is. I would recommend anyone (and I have) to Susan, her website, her books if you want to become a better sales person." - Fred B., Ontario
  • "I think your writing is fantastic!" - Jeb Blount, Founder of Salesgravy.com
  • "Your presentation was excellent, extremely informative and very well received." - Melanie R., Ontario
  • "I am going to pass along your contact info, along with a fabulous recommendation, to our corporate team" - Yvonne B., Ontario
  • "I met Bob at a Networking function a few months ago and invited him to speak to our graduates and students about what a career in sales means and what it takes to be a sales person. Bob's presentation was honest, relevant, engaging and humorous. To date his presentation was the most interactive and most enjoyed by our graduates and students. I highly recommend him as a guest speaker for your company." - Samantha K., Ontario
  • "Susan, you're the best!" - Allan S., Ontario
  • "We voted you the best speaker, and I am personally SO VERY GLAD that you have landed in our bailiwick." - Kathy M., Ontario
  • "The reason I am sending this email is partly as a thanks for helping me with training that got my feet wet, and partly to let you know that your training is indeed very effective." - Joshua T., Ontario
  • "Unlike other "Sales Guru's", Bob's company provides a comprehensive program along with the follow up necessary for any company's onboarding process. His method ensures that if the planned activity is followed, the sales team will be successful." - Sean H., Ontario
  • "Susan has proven herself to be a can-do, well-do, get-it-done person who has made herself indispensable the Sales Professional of Ottawa organization. In addition to her own corporate responsibilities, Susan is one of the people who has worked selflessly to help get this organization rolling. There is no reason to believe that she won't do the same for you if you engage her professional services at B2B Sales Connections." - Brian J., Ontario
  • "Bob was able to manage and structure an agent program which more than tripled its revenue production in 4 years while at the same time reducing sales travel and training expenses." - Rob M., Ontario
  • "Susan totally exemplifies what a "professional" is. She practices what she preaches, and I have learned so much from her. Susan is also extremely generous with her knowledge and expertise-which makes her a truly valuable resource. Susan inspires me to "do better" and help others." - Loretto C., Ontario
  • "So far I have been wanting to use the sales rep goal sheet. I love it. I want all of my reps to do this for the New Year. It's awesome" - Michael M., Texas
  • "Not only would I highly recommend Susan but I would also welcome the opportunity to work with her again.” - Gordon F., Ontario
  • "Bob's ability to create customer loyality is an asset that all employers could benefit ." - Len M., Ontario
  • "She takes great attention to detail and knows what needs to get done." - Karen F., Ontario
  • "This is the most successful this program has ever been." - Rob M., Ontario
  • "…we have been constantly challenged and measured many ways. You have met the test as it is the results that is the true mark." - Dominick P., Connecticut
  • "Just wanted to say that the copier calculator that you did is one handy tool. It takes away a lot of math." - Jeff B., Nova Scotia
  • "…in a tough environment you have done an outstanding job" - Mike B., Ontario
  • "Thanks for making it happen and not just waiting for it to happen!" - Dominick P., Connecticut
  • "Your article on the secrets of sales success provides valuable insights that I am sure will help the more than 3000 businesses that receive Nepean BIZ." - Micheal M., Ontario
  • "It certainly was a pleasure to work with you and a pleasure to organize an event with so much co-operation and positive input on your part. - Louise F., Ontario

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Sales Resources & Website Feedback

  • "I love B2B Sales Connections web site. It is an amazing resource for anyone involved in B2B selling." - Sam H., Ontario
  • "I took a moment to peruse your website and downloaded some of your prospecting / sales templates. I'm putting efforts into business development "the right way" and I found your site invaluable! As always, you provide direction and advice that is relevant and useful. The B2B website is no exception!" - Thomas G., Ontario
  • "I just want to say to you sincerely, THANKS. You have been sending me for quite some time the most inspiring words and expressions. I always look forward to hear form you and from your great information. I want you to know that these e-mails don't just end up in my computer, once I read them they say in my mind, and most importantly I put thme in practice." - Raquel W., Newsletter Subscriber
  • "BTW I really liked your website and the tremendous amount of resources that you offer." - Steven Rosen, Ontario
  • "Thank you for sending this article over. It was great - far better than I ever imagined it being, such an interesting read, very detailed!" - Craig M., Website Visitor
  • "Just want to say that your sales webinars are quite informative. I have already begun implementing some of the ideas you have given me." - Wayne H., Alberta
  • "fantastic website. The content is current and very relevant for sales people" - Mike W., Ontario
  • "Thank you for your everyday contribution to our success!" - Cyril K., Ontario
  • "I've subscribed to your newsletter for a couple of years now and thank you for the help as I got my feet wet in sales." - Andrew F., Ontario
  • "I attended the Webinar today. Nice job." - Jason S., BC
  • "You provide great material and more importanly you give with an open heart." - Waleed H., Website Visitor
  • "I really find your advice and suggestions helpful and very positive. Keep up the good work, I'll be reading!!!!" – Tonya V., Ontario
  • "Another good one!! I just shared it with our entire sales team!!" - Brad E., Alabama
  • "You have a great website filled with valuable insights on the B2B world. I am glad I stumbled upon it" - Joel W., Ontario
  • "This was a really good webinar - I got a lot of good info from it, much appreciated!" - Terri T., Washington
  • "As always, I learn so much from your newsletter!" - Patty S., New York
  • "Thanks for sending me all the "B2B Sales Connections letters" during the year. I find them very helpful and interesting. Keep up the good work" - Raquel W., Website Visitor
  • "I found your website very helpful and you're willing to help refreshing." - Mardy B., Alberta
  • "Thank you Susan this document is awesome and will be very helpful." - Pierre J., Alberta
  • "Your website is awesome!! Thanks for sharing it. Valuable information!!" - Debian T., North Carolina
  • "Thanks for the information it has been very helpful. Please continue the good work. My awareness of selling techniques has increased by 50%. Thanks to your excellent team and the service you provide." - Ravi O., Quebec
  • "Susan your tips are good" - Ajoy S., Internet
  • "Another good issue full of useable sales tips and ideas. Thanks for doing this." - Brian J., Ontario
  • "I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I really enjoy your sales connections emails, they are helpful and also a little entertaining as to the way formulate your notes. Again, thanks and keep them coming." - Peter C., Ontario
  • "I find your articles really relevant. Could you post them on a blog or Twitter so we can retweet them?" - Louis L., Quebec
  • "I am glad I found your website!" - Dwight K., Internet
  • "B2B Sales Connections has appeared frequently during my internet career search which led me to visit your impressive web site." - Bill N., Ontario
  • "I would like to say again that I did enjoy your website and I will continue to look at it to gain some further motivation and ideas." - James M., B.C.
  • "Another awesome newsletter" - Brad E., Alabama
  • "I have been reading your newsletter for the past few months and thank you for all the valuable information contained therein." - Claudia N., Alberta
  • "Thanks for the resource link - some good articles there!" - Mark A., Ontario
  • "This article helps a great deal!!!" - Ravi O., Quebec
  • "Once again, another very timely article." - Brian J., Ontario
  • "I came across your company website this morning and I was very intrigued by the information that I found there. I do have to say that I was quite impressed and I did happen to find some very useful content while I was looking." - James M., B.C.

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